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Where it all started.

My new best friend

Hello World.  I’ve staked my claim on this small corner of internet real estate to tell you about my conversion of a Porsche 914 from gas to electric.  It all started when I took the plunge and installed a solar array on the roof of my house.  Now my meter runs backwards during the day, and my electric bill is zero point zero zero at the end of the annual billing cycle.  From there I started researching the cost of motors, batteries and controllers for an EV conversion.  Here are some of the interesting and extremely helpful links I accumulated:

Pelican Parts
Electro Automotive
An interesting conversation about batteries on EConvert
GrassRoots EV
914 World
Jungle Motors
Jack Rickard’s EV Conversions (pretty and expensive)
Azure Dynamics
Auto Atlanta

Plus surprisingly numerous EV forums and blogs:

DIY Electric Car forum
Google 914Ev Group
EV Album
Mike Brown’s 914 conversion
TimK’s 914 conversion
Steve’s 914 conversion

..and endless others. Now I need to figure out how to get all of these links over to the right in a “bookmarks bar.”


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