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Teardown Begins

It's a cozy fit.

Today I started stripping the car down, removing trim, handles, lights, rubber – inside and out – to prepare for eventual painting. Here is a link to a short piece of video I took at the start of the day:

RELEASE THE HOUNDS! (click here for video)

(It’s about 8MB, so you’ll need to be patient while it loads.)

. . .

I took pictures of everything to remember how it all goes back together, including color coded wire connections. This way I can power onward without interrupting to write anything down.  Hubris?  We’ll see. Below is a shot of the wiper motor.

Artsy macro shot of pretty wires.

. . .

This is where I left it, after the sun had fallen and daylight had slipped away.  The dashboard was only half removed and a jumble of parts needed to be organized and stored.  Praise be unto the zip-lock baggie deities.

Tearing down a dash is tedious.


2 Responses to “Teardown Begins”

  1. Very smart to take pictures, obviously you’ve been down that road before (sure coulda used a digital camera a few times in my gearhead past) By the way, I am so ENVIOUS, which is a deadly sin, I think…my funeral. You are having way too much fun, dude!

  2. Thanks, Bubba. What’s stopping you from converting the Speedster? You are welcome to come visit – even help if you want. Plenty of fun to share. I’d love to show you the house and the solar array, also. An idea is seriously floating to film the whole thing for distribution. That’s pretty exciting.

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