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First Parts Order

There are a few parts I’d like to have on hand while I am tearing the car down, since I will also be repairing and refurbishing various things along the way, such as the front and back brake calipers.  I will also need the 12pt star tool to remove the CV joints when I yank the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE).  I always enjoy tracking the package and ripping into it when it arrives.  Like a tiny birthday.

I ordered this first batch from Pelican Parts, who specialize in all early model Porsche and BMW. I really appreciate their online “Project List” web function, which allows you to create and save a running project parts roster, and then push them selectively to your shopping cart when you are ready to buy.  Some of the other parts houses could learn from this.  Just to give you something to look at, here’s the completed online order:


One Response to “First Parts Order”

  1. Mark, if there’s any tools you may need (hydraulic press, jack stands, etc), let me know, I may be able to help.

    It’s just my way of saying, “I gotta see this project!”

    Keep up the good work, so we can all breathe a little better in LA.

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