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Sitting Pretty

Pretty rollerskate

Look what showed up today!  As I was exiting my workplace, a Tesla roadster sat in my direct path, waiting for me to happen by and admire its sleek form.  It seems a good omen of sorts since I’ve started this conversion project.  I’ve admired this car from the first Tesla press release; less because its an exotic sports car (the body is modeled by Lotus after the Elan), but more because it is a serious electric car.  Gazing on it in the past, my response was simply “Wow!” but now all I can think about is battery pack placement and weight.

More teardown work today.  The entire front end is now bare, save for the steering linkage.  I was finally able to extract the wiring harness from the trunk interior and snake it down into the driver compartment.  Thanks to my buddy Lucas for helping dismantle the headlight mechanisms.


3 Responses to “Sitting Pretty”

  1. Go up to the Tesla dealer on SM Blvd, they were happy to tell us all about them. A one-speed transmission blew my mind. Too much torque for more gears!
    The brakepads take forever to break-in because as soon as you take your foot off the accelerator, it acts as a brake, which is a problem because the brakelights do not light up.
    Over 6,000 hand-soldered laptop batteries for storage? No wonder it’s over $100K!

    • This regenerative brake light issue has already been solved on the DIY EV conversion forums. I wonder how much Tesla will pad the cost of their roadster when they engineer that fix into next year’s model.

  2. It was a real pleasure to help you on your project. Let me know next time you can use a hand and I’ll be happy to show up.

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