ElectroClassic EV
Classic Cars Reborn into the Electric Future


Interesting reading, especially about the battery pack and BMS (battery management system). Battery technology seems to be making fast advances, and they seem to be coming from China.


2 Responses to “The CODA”

  1. Mark- this CODA is cool, but I think your red porche is cooler because it is a previously used, previously manufactured vehicle. It would be great for an auto company to mass consume old chassis and make a massive hodge podge of electric cars.

    Whats your launch date for the porche? whats its name?

  2. I heard that the carbon footprint to manufacture a Prius is greater than the carbon footprint of a Humvee’s entire lifespan, but that might just be auto industry propaganda. That’s silly – why would they have any reason to do that? Also, I believe that the entrenched auto industry has an agenda that is entirely opposed to the recycling of automobiles. They are in the business of manufacturing and selling new cars. Selling parts to keep their old cars on the road is just a marketing expense to keep their brand visible. They’d rather you buy a new car than fix your old one.

    Regarding the new production electric cars, I’m just jazzed that there is incentive for battery technology R&D to continue progressing.

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