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Electric Dauphine

Henney Kilowatt Dauphine

I was 16 and washing dishes at the Copper Door, which coincidentally was just across the street from Holbert”s Porsche in Warrington, PA.  One day I wandered over just to pine after their showroom 914 models, and a salesmen offered to take me out for a spin.  He must have been bored and looking for an excuse to bend some corners, because I got a white knuckle ride I didn’t forget.  As a young man with his first real job, I realized that owning a car was entirely possible on a dishwasher’s wages.  Maybe not a Porsche, but something cheap and fun.  My friends were all buying their first cars and fixing them up, including my buddy Scott, who launched my career in food services.   He had just bought his first car, and was so proud of his mechanical abilities and mad driving skills that one day on break he took me for another spin which I wouldn’t forget.  The car was a powder blue Renault Dauphine, and it was in remarkably good condition.  Only Scott would think it was cool to drive around a weird little French car with a name that required tutoring to pronounce.  Cooler yet to drive it like a deranged Frenchman.  I’ll always hold this as my first inspiration to own, restore and care for classic little gems like this.  What a surprise to learn that it was one of the first true EV conversions!


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