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Porsche Electric 1899

Lohner-Porsche Mixte Hybrid

The most interesting items appear once you start digging.  This is apparently the first gas-electric hybrid vehicle ever produced.  Coincidentally, it’s a Porsche.  Notice the motors built into the wheel hubs.  You can read the wiki entry by clicking on the image.

1900 Lohner-Porsche Hybrid

I stumbled across another version of this hybrid that debuted at the Paris World’s Fair  in 1900, and is housed at the Vienna Technical Museum.  The entire body and chassis is made from wood, the battery pack is 80 volts total, the electric motors will reach a top speed of 36mph, and the gross weight is about 2100 lbs.  My finished 914 shouldn’t weigh much more than that.

1900 Lohner-Porsche Hybrid

Pictures of this groundbreaking vehicle just keep popping up.  This photo shows the same model, but with a back seat for additional passengers.

**UPDATE – I don’t know how long this link will hold up, but here is a Porsche promotional video for the new 918 Spyder hybrid that features an apparently working model of the original Porsche-Lohner electric car.


One Response to “Porsche Electric 1899”

  1. Cool video of the 918 Spyder. You were correct to say “apparently” working model of the 1900 P-L hybrid. It was a computer-generated (CG) model. I guess Porsche would rather pay visual-effects artists than restore and parade that antique!

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