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OCD Heaven

Bagged and tagged

I’m now past the middle of stripping down the car.  It’s proceeding on it’s own terms at a kind of Zen pace.  I find it relaxing and fun – maybe because I’m in OCD heaven.  EVERYTHING gets bagged and labeled.  Last big push, I tore down the front end of the car and retracted the wiring harness into the passenger compartment.  This weekend I had time to start stripping the back of the car and pulled the  harness from the rear trunk into the engine bay.  It’s like reaching into lion’s mouth and pulling the spinal cord out like a bundle of tangled vines.  Here is the tail end of the harness laying on the rear trunk hood.

Disconnected rear wiring harness

The bulk of my time was spent tediously labeling and separating the wiring for the regular tail lights, turn signals, etc. from the ignition and fuel injection electronics.  I won’t be needing anything that ever touched gasoline.  Below is a shot of those components which appeared to be an aftermarket kit.  They were mounted in the trunk in a non-factory kind of way.

Fuel injection computer

Since some of these wires are a “sub-harness”  that will stay with the engine when I sell it, I made sure to label the individual connector pins with different colored nail polish.  I think I owe that idea to my Dad or one of my uncles.  I always thought it was cool to find nail polish in a man’s workshop, being used for something technical.  I remember a bottle once being kept in a glove box to mask a crack in a Studebaker tail light lens.

Color-coded nail polish


3 Responses to “OCD Heaven”

  1. I totally get that OCD place of heaven. It takes me back to childhood when i would play with blocks and legos and to the simplest little motions and actions and feel completely relaxed and at peace.

    I think this is an important restorative place that is not just for kids… we all need our inner world… you may find some small or big intuitive or creative insight come to you during these chill times.

    Thanks for sharing your retentive side with me. And you can do my nails anytime!!, Tye

  2. Nail polish, what a great idea!

    One OCD project you might consider is making a new harness out of fresh wire using the old harness as a template. Old stranded wire oxidizes, creating resistance. Or trim off a cm on the old wires, if possible, and replace or re-solder the terminals.

    When I used to wire boats and do 12 volt conversions on old Porsches (Speedsters, a couple of 356 coupes and convertibles), the wiring was always screwed-up from past “repairs”. The hard part was finding new terminals (in those days). I would often de-solder the old terminals and re-use them.

    The new harness could possibly be integrated with the new primaries, so you can pull the whole thing back through the lions mouth! New wire and LED headlights, tail lights, dash lights…

    • Don’t know if I’m OCD enough for that. The wire is in pretty good shape already. It’s a ’74 and the body hasn’t been exposed to much weather, so it hasn’t had as much time to deteriorate. Thanks, though – I will be much more conscious of the condition as I work with it.

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