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Doo Dah

Nothing was done on the conversion this weekend due to our participation in the Pasadena Doo Dah Parade.  Above is the motorized couch that I built for Burning Man, and which has been in two past parades.  Unfortunately it runs on dinosaur juice.  However, there were some noteworthy electric vehicles in the parade:

Sprinkles or jimmies?

There were three of these cupcakes buzzing around, which I had originally spotted at Burning Man a few years ago.  The cupcake “paper” is corrugated steel, and the driver is sitting on what amounts to an electric barstool.  They used a wheelchair DC motor and a deep cycle battery, and were nimble and quiet.

Horseless carriage

I was very excited by the above entry: an electric horseless carriage.  The irony is quite tangy.  It’s post-modern, but is it Amish?  It utilized a 3-phase AC motor, and was being driven with a hand-held joystick controller.  You might notice the huge gray battery box under the seats.  I wanted to grill him about the inverter, but I didn’t have time.

So the parade went well and the couch performed like a champ.  The only downside was being pelted with marshmallows and tortillas, which both hurt more than you think.  I had to take the couch to the car wash Sunday morning to blast the marshmallow sludge from the tire treads.  (That was an unusual sentence.)


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