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Build Your Dreams

The Chinese are going to eat our lunch.

Here’s another Chinese company breaking into the American car market.  They named themselves BYD, ostensibly an acronym for Build Your Dreams, and are setting up a plant in SoCal.  The hinge technology isn’t really automotive,  it’s battery technology ; and these Chinese car companies seem to have taken the lead in Lithium Iron Phosphate cells specifically for EV usage.  I’ve noticed their strong focus on OEM manufacture for fleet use – American buses, municipal vehicles, taxis, etc.  Look at the number of models they have lined up.  Just look!  They have rushed in to fill a manufacturing void in our burgeoning electric automotive market.  The Japanese were first with the Insight, the RAV4 and then the Prius.  The only viable US produced EVs were recalled and crushed by GM.  Maybe the Chinese should call their company EYL – Eating Your Lunch.


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