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Saturday Go to Meeting

EVAOSC Meeting

I drove out to Diamond Bar this morning to check out the monthly meeting of the Electric Vehicle Association of Southern California.  They gather every 3rd Saturday at the South Coast Air Quality Management District offices.  Somebody noted in another blog that the EVAOSC was a room full of cranky old men. Maybe it’s because they are still smarting from having their EV1 cars crushed by GM several years ago.  Even so, they are all very optimistic about the next generation of pure electric vehicles from Nissan, Coda, Chevy, and others, and have a lot of inside scoop on breaking developments in the industry.

What BP doesn't want you to know

This meeting’s speaker was Wally Rippel; an interesting guy who designed the motors for the NASA Helios electric airplane, and is currently working for AC Propulsion (on the Tesla roadster motors as I understand it).   He gave a slide presentation, offering an encapsulated version of challenges facing AC motor design for EVs, as well as some big picture ruminations on peak oil and energy consumption in the new electric economy.  That’s all fascinating, but I just wanted help reaching a decision on whether to go AC or DC.  After the meeting, I was able to speak with some folks who have many conversions under their belt, and it looks like AC is edging ahead this week.

Not a "Cranky Old Man"


3 Responses to “Saturday Go to Meeting”

  1. How about the trans-diff question, Happy Middle-Aged Man? Last year the guy at Tesla said their AC motor had too much torque for a 2-speed trans; they had to skip straight to the differential. just wondering…
    Something else BP doesn’t want us to know: 20,000,000 gallons of crude is in the Gulf of Mexico. Drill baby, drill!

    • Keeping the transaxle – there’s no way to bypass the gearbox and go straight to the wheels. It would have been a different story if it were a front engine car with a differential.

  2. […] Killed the Electric Car.”  He was also the guest speaker in a prior post about the EVAOSC meeting.  In the image above, Wally is displaying AC Propulsion’s induction motor that powers the […]

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