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Out Damned Spot

Pulling the motor today was a milestone.  There’s really no turning back now.  The removal of this 914 engine is very similar to the many VW engines I have extracted in my extended flat-four career.  After disconnecting all of the hoses, wires and cables, four big bolts are removed and the motor is dropped down and rolled back, same as an old VW bug, bus, or Karmann Ghia.  The only difference with the Porsche is that it’s easier to yank both the motor and trans-axle together.  Here’s some shots of the process:

Many thanks to Sven and Fordy for stopping by and helping out.  Next I degrease the trans-axle and remove the clutch and flywheel from the engine for use in the conversion.


2 Responses to “Out Damned Spot”

  1. I wish I could have been there!

    So you going to run the electric motor through the porsche transmission. Cool.

    Is there a motor controller that will help you match the revs when you change gears? If the revs drop between gears I think the electric motor might give a lot of resistance to the input torque from the drivetrain… it might be fine for normal driving, but keep it in mind because in wet or sandy conditions the rear wheels might lock up.

  2. Yeah, most conversions use the existing transmission, unless it’s a rear wheel drive, in which case the electric motor can connect directly to the drive shaft. Some drag racers will even bypass the pumpkin and go straight to the wheel axles with 2 motors. At least with DC, the torque curve is fairly straight, so a transmission is not adding anything but weight. I will most likely keep the trans in 3rd, and only shift to 4th when i really need some top end.

    Shifting hasn’t presented an issue with any of the EV bloggers I have been reading. Some have reported just letting their foot off the accelerator and shifting without even using the clutch!

    There will be plenty of opportunity to hang. I’ll need help putting those headlight mechanisms back in, right?


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