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Not Taken Lightly

I was anxious to try out my new tow bar and lights in preparation for the soda blasting and minor bodywork that will happen in a couple weeks.   The only mounting place I could find for the tow brackets that didn’t involve any added fabrication was on the body panel under the trunk lip.  I hitched the stripped-down shell to my pickup and towed it to the local DIY car wash for a good pressure washing above and below.  The tow bar seemed to be working fine, so I took the show onto the freeway for a test drive and to allow the shell a chance to dry out.  I exited the freeway and took some surface streets to turn around, and that’s when the metal on the front trunk panel stressed and mangled.

Not the desired result.

Words to the wise: Always renew your AAA membership.  Bottom rung yearly dues will score you a free 7 mile tow.  That was just enough to get the car home.  The AAA truck arrived in less than 10 minutes and the shell was loaded onto the flatbed in less than 15 minutes.

AAA to the rescue.

Back at the garage, I took a couple hammers and pounded the metal back out to a semblance of its former self.  I was bummed that I had damaged the car, but fixing it amounts to minor sheet metal work and is not a big deal.

Hammered and reshaped to normal.

Here’s the short lecture:  Never be too anxious to tow, and never wing it.  If you are towing a car for the first time, go online and research the proper hardware to tow your vehicle.  End of lecture.   In the short run I will probably rent a tow dolly from U-Haul, and then at a later date install a proper tow bracket designed specifically for a Porsche 914.  It seems smart to have one permanently installed for safety and convenience.  I’m certain it will be needed again.


2 Responses to “Not Taken Lightly”

  1. Yes, always renew your AAA membership. Most years I don’t have to use it but I had one year when I used is four times and it was a life. . .okay, time/frustration saver.

  2. Word to the wise duly noted. I had similar ideas about towing my jalopy around town for repairs.

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