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Blast It

Taking it down to metal in Upland.

I carved out some valuable time Saturday morning to rent a car dolly from U-Haul and drop the empty Porsche shell at Cal Blast for paint stripping.  Unfortunately, U-Haul would not approve my pickup’s bumper hitch for use with the car dolly and I was forced to also rent a truck with a beefier sender and ball hitch.

Car dolly instead of towbar.

I paid U-Haul more than budgeted, but I completed my mission regardless.  Soda blasting of the shell is scheduled to happen during the week, followed by a new coat of epoxy primer.  I hope to run out there early next Saturday, inspect the work and get a few pictures for the record before the primer coat.  The next shots of the car will be interesting.

Last time seen as this color.


3 Responses to “Blast It”

  1. Really inspiring stuff BREMS. What color did you finally decide to go with?

    And what’s the next step after it gets painted?

    • Thanks – After the blasting and primer coat comes minor bodywork, then final paint. Regarding color, I want to keep it as close to Porsche stock colors as possible. I’ve gone back and forth between Metallic Marathon Blue and Speed Yellow. Since half of the cars on LA streets are some flavor of silver, I’m leaning toward the yellow. It just looks sportier. Then the fun starts as I reassemble and begin fabricating a rack to hold the batteries.

  2. […] is less critical. Besides, I wasn’t driving way out to Upland just to have these two covers soda-blasted.  Safe-Way was nearby, and this was a great opportunity to lose my sandblasting […]

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