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Down to the Metal

Last Saturday I visited Cal Blast in Upland to see the stripped carcass before they apply the epoxy primer coat. That’s Steve (the owner) in the pictures below. I was very impressed with the quality of the work, and the obvious care and attention to detail. During blasting, the baking soda is directed at the body of the car at varying pressures depending on how much of the surface coating is to be removed. From the pictures, you can see the factory pink seam sealer has been left on the car. The beautiful thing about soda blasting is that the metal is left untouched. Even the sandpaper scratches on the fenders from previous bodywork were clearly revealed as the surface paint was blasted away. After the baking soda, Steve blasted the few rusted areas with a separate black powder called Sure Shot, which will not strip paint, but has a positive effect on any rusted body metal. I pick up the primer-coated shell next Saturday, and then take it for final bodywork.


7 Responses to “Down to the Metal”

  1. Remarkably little rust. Solid California car. Looks great!

    • Yup. Little bit of rust on the underside of the doors, a couple quarter-sized holes in the hell hole, and some superficial rust here and there where bodywork had been done previously.

  2. it doesn’t need to look good Mark, it just needs to drive. But you’re an artist, I know I know. That being said, whats the new color going to be? please say “Lime Green with white interior”

  3. Seriously, I’m considering Midlife Crisis Yellow. It’s an authentic Porsche color.

  4. I’d totally go with the Midlife Crisis Yellow. Maybe you could add some black racing stripes front to back over the middle like those 70’s Mustangs.

  5. I never considered speed off the line – although some torquey electrics have the ability to smoke internal combustions. (My Prius is pretty quick!)

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