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Work that Body

Basic fender work.

Just some routine bodywork shots provided via email from Manny at Classic Touch.  Nothing too exciting to look at just yet, but I’m jazzed it’s moving forward.  I appreciate having visual access to the work while in progress.  By now the job is probably even further along than in the pics.

On another subject, I was getting no response from my Craigslist ad to sell the Porsche gas engine, so I dropped the price to FREE and it sold immediately.  Some young guy named Tony and his girlfriend were happy to take it.  They said they were going to pop it into her 70 VW Beetle.  Although they’re recycling in the sense that they’re giving it a new life, it’s not necessarily a green net result.  For me, however, this is the point of no return.  The waning shoreline has just disappeared below the horizon’s curve behind me.


3 Responses to “Work that Body”

  1. First let me say ‘puck be gone’. At least it looks like you’re removing the the front side puck lights. Not a big fan; and removed them as well.
    The color I almost went with; was a matalic pewter. It would closely match the color of the ‘modern’ Porsche, but be a bit brighter. So I though the old, and new would be an interesting color.

  2. […] hole in the driver side rocker panel, just behind the front fender well. I could take it back to Manny and insist he fix it, or I could take it to a nearby body shop.  Either way, the whole car would […]

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