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Goodbye Hellhole

Chinny chin chin.

You may be bored with all the bodywork shots, but I’m excited that the front trunk chin has been unmangled, and the hellhole shown in the image below has been excised and patched.

The chips of rot in the picture on the left were cut from the hellhole, from directly under where the battery is mounted in the 914, and where battery acid and salts accumulate. If left uninterrupted, it will bore a tunnel straight to Hades, guaranteed.

If Manny finishes the bodywork this week, I can bring the shell home this weekend.  The paint job might even wait until after I engineer the battery rack and mounts.  Waiting would sidestep the whole issue of damaging the new paint with the substantial work to come.  It will also give me more time to research paint shops.  With auto paint, you get what you pay for, and a good paint job is way more expensive than I originally thought.  I think I’ll keep looking.


3 Responses to “Goodbye Hellhole”

  1. Not bored yet. Nice job on the metal transplant. My brother replaced about half the sheet metal in his car that way–one patch at a time.

    The 914, as other mid-ship powered vehicles, has a hell-hole I assume because of the back-breaking experience leaning over them for service? I vaguely remember hearing horror stories about replacing sparkplugs, or something simple like that.

    Now that it’s electric, it can return to a simple name: motor compartment or power-plant bay. “Open the power-plant bay doors, Hal!”

  2. How about “Gerbil Wheelhouse?” I wasn’t aware that other mid-engine cars were graced with the same hellhole moniker. Ironically, the plan is to fill the entire motor bay with batteries. Since they will be lithium ion phosphate, it will avoid the whole leaky acidic mess. This is about what it will look like, even down to the “midlife crisis yellow”:

  3. Elek-trickel Banana, Tdouble-O cool!

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