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Sexy Beasts

Who killed the Dodge EV?

The Dodge EV pictured above is modeled after the Lotus Europa S, and was slated for production in 2010, but was canceled by Fiat after they recently purchased Chrysler.  You can read the Wiki by clicking on the picture.  The only electric vehicle that Fiat now has on the schedule is the Doblò, a light commercial van.


UK Lightning

This beast is also scheduled for production in 2010, according to the Lightning website.  The electric motors are in each wheel, and it will top out at 130 mph.  Click on the picture to read more and gawk at the gallery.


My Karma ran over your Dogma

…and it smiled doing it.  Not a pure electric, the Karma is a gas/electric hybrid that has a combustion engine up front, and dual electric motors in back.  Unfortunately, the off-the-line performance of the gas engine kicks ass on the electric motors. Kind of sends the wrong message in my opinion.  I’ll be the first to offer that the website is trying too hard, like your cologne-soaked Uncle Ted in his silk smoking jacket trying to impress the LAY-deeez. Click on the image and see for yourself.


Venturi’s Fetish

Touted as the first electric production sportscar, the Fetish from Venturi in Monaco has been in production since 2002.  The original model did 0-60 in less than 5 secs, but it has been recently reported by the NY Times that a “buggier” model called the America has been slated for US shores.  With a bigger battery pack, it trims that time to 4 seconds, and extends its range to 217 miles, but the price tag is a monstrous $405,000. At 300HP, Venturi claims to have developed the world’s most advanced EV motor. Venturi is also known for using its battery technology to convert Citroens for the French post office, as well as building tracked vehicles for Antarctica.


Li-Ion Inizio

The company producing this pure electric muscle car is Li-Ion Motors, the very same that won the 2.5 million dollar ‘Alternative Side by Side’ class in the Automotive X Prize with their Wave II electric car.  The Inizio will do 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds, with a top speed of 170 mph. It was originally reported in Popular Mechanics and Gizmodo in 2008, when the company was known as Hybrid Technologies.  According to AutoBlog, Hybrid had been working on breakthrough lithium ion technology that it passed to its sister company, Superlattice. Interesting. Superbatteries are the future.


Tesla Roadster v2.5

Then, of course there is the game-changer: the Tesla Roadster. Before discontinuing production, the last rev included some improvements – more comfortable seats, new wheels, a modified front and rear fascia, better sound dampening, and improved cooling of the power train.  Click on the picture to paint a Tesla Roadster from a palette of 13 colors.  A new Roadster sold for $101,500.


The Detroit Electric SP:01

The Detroit Electric SP:01

Detroit Electric Company produced 13,000 electric vehicles from 1907 up to it’s demise in 1938, but the name was resurrected by former Lotus Engineering Group CEO Albert Lamm in 2008. For those lamenting the discontinued Tesla Roadster, the Detroit Electric car company has come back from obscurity to issue their own version of the electric Lotus Elise. The SP:01 boasts a 155 mph top speed, a 0-60 time of 3.7 seconds, and a range of 140 miles.


Tesla Model S

Probably more definable as a “muscle sedan,” since this model is a four door.  Even so, it accelerates from 0-60 mph in a respectable 5.6 seconds, with a top speed of 120 mph, and a 300 mile range option.  In my eye, body styling is similar to the Porsche Panamera. Another interesting point is a battery swap feature that Tesla claims will take only 1 minute.  The car runs $49,000, for which Tesla is now taking preorders for delivery in 2012.


Audi e-tron

This pure electric from Audi made a huge splash at the Frankfurt auto show and is apparently going to production, according to Wired news.  Producing 230 hp with a motor at each wheel, this beast will do 0-60 mph in 4.8 secs, and 60-120 mph in an additional 4.1 secs, with a range of 150 miles on a single charge.  Click on the image above to visit Audi’s website, where you can twirl a virtual model and view it from all angles. Unfortunately, the design has been scaled back to look more like a run-of-the-mill sport station wagon.



PRNewswire reports Nissan’s announcement of a ground-up electric sports car concept which is on the radar for the Geneva 2011 Motor Show in March 2011.  With a composite body over an aluminum frame, the twin independent rear-drive electric motors will take this car from 0 to 62mph in under 5 seconds, with a range of 110 miles.  The lithium battery pack is located along the central axis of the chassis, allowing for excellent handling.


Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Gullwing

Interesting, no?  Confirmed by Mercedes to be going into production for 2013, this pure electric revamping of the classic Mercedes SL Gullwing will contain a 400 volt liquid-cooled Lithium Ion battery pack, and like many other electric supercars, will have a motor at each wheel.  The big difference is the dual transmissions for front and rear wheels for “torque vectoring.”  Reports say 0-60 mph in 4 secs.  Range on a single charge is estimated at 112 miles.


Renault DeZir pure electric concept

That’s pronounced “Desire,” with a “Z” to signify zero emissions.  I don’t know if this car counts, since it is not a production model, but it does point the way for Renault/Nissan.  It’s reported that they are working together on a sports car to follow on the heels of the Nissan LEAF.    If the LEAF drive train is fitted to the DeZir, Nissan’s design team estimates a 0-60 mph time of about 5 secs, and a range of 100 miles.


Shelby’s Ultimate Aero EV

This car is plain insanity.  It accelerates from 0-60 mph in an eyeball-flattening 2.5 seconds with a top speed of 208 mph.  I can only imagine fighting the G-forces just to keep your foot on the accelerator.  Battery range is reported from 150 to 200 miles, with a recharge time of 10 minutes.  According to their website, this monster went into full production in Q4 2009.


Jaguar C-X75 Concept

Not a production car, but interesting nonetheless to see how Jaguar tackles the EV challenge.  Unveiled at the 2010 Paris Auto Show, this beauty has a 145kW electric motor on each wheel, producing a total of 780hp.  The C-X75 can accelerate from 0-60 in under 3.5 seconds, with a top speed of 205 mph.   While it will travel 68 miles on a single charge, two gas micro-turbines spinning at 80,000 rpm produce enough electricity to extend its range to 560 miles.  I’m not sure, but I think that qualifies as a series hybrid.  Wired reports that Jaguar will be launching a series hybrid plug-in version of its XJ model for 2011.


Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid

This the the concept parallel hybrid that Porsche debuted at the Geneva Auto Show last April.  It was announced just today that this Spyder will go into production in 2011.  Sure, it’s sleek and powerful, but I’m less impressed due to the fact that it only uses the electric motors to supplement the 500hp V8 gas engine.  My enthusiasm returns with news that Porsche is in development on a pure electric version of the Boxster.


Varley evR450 all-electric supercar

Brisbane, Australia based Varley is better known for bulky industrial electric vehicles, but this yellow demon should boost Varley’s 125 year-old company profile.  The prototype above was developed in concert with EV specialists Tritium and Ultramotive, with a projected rollout in early 2012. The evR450 will do 0-60 mph in less than 4 seconds, with an electronically limited top speed of 125 mph, and a range of 93 miles without the extender pack.  Here is a picture of the Ultramotive CARBON motor, of which the car runs two. Varley has set the initial price at $213,000US. Not your dad’s Karmann Ghia.


Rimac Automobili Concept_One

The Concept_One debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2011, the realization of Mate Rimac, a 23 year-old prodigy from Croatia. Pictured above is the first of a limited run of 88 units planned to street in 2013, of which 2 are already sold. The drive train consists of a liquid-cooled, independently controlled motor at each hub, using a system called All Wheel Torque Vectoring.  The body is carbon fiber, and the interior was designed by a team of Pininfarina alumni. Check out this Concept_One marketing video to get an idea of the component configuration. Now for the stats: 0-60 in 2.8 seconds, with a computer-limited top speed of 190 mph, a range of 373 miles on a single charge, and a curb weight of 3638 lbs. Click the above image to visit their site.


BMW i8 Plug-in Hybrid

Technically, this BMW is a parallel hybrid, since it has an electric drive system fitted over its front axle, combined with a high-performance three-cylinder diesel engine producing 220 hp at the rear. It will do 0-60 in less than 5 seconds, and gets the equivalent of 94 mpg, although it will only go 20 miles on a full electric charge alone. The BMW i8 is expected to launch sometime in 2013, with reports suggesting it will make its worldwide debut in production form at the 2012 London Olympics.


Acura NSX concept

Yet another parallel hybrid, this time from Acura/Honda. It comes with all-wheel-drive, and the same power train configuration as the BMW above: electric drive on the front wheels, with a mid-engine V6 gas engine powering the rear wheels. It is slated to debut in 2015. I’m frankly less impressed with designs that are not pure electric, or at least serial hybrid with range enxtension. Sour grapes.


Infiniti Emerg-E concept

Here is a concept serial hybrid from Infiniti/Nissan, with a 3 cylinder engine under the glass hatch which serves as a range extender, similar to the Porsche C-X75 and Chevy Volt. It is rumored to have borrowed the 80KW electric drive train from the Nissan Leaf. Not much else is known about the car, other than it will appear at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, and probably won’t appear on the street until 2013 at the earliest.


2012 Hyundai-i-oniq-concept

Hyundai’s first foray into the electric car arena is a sports hatchback plug-in hybrid with a range of 74 miles on electric alone, and an extended range of 434 miles with the assistance of a 3-cylinder gas engine tied to an electric generator. It also officially debuts at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2012.


DeLorean DMC-12 EV

Here is a serious retro-blast from the future: The Texas-based DeLorean Motor Company has re-emerged with an electrified version of the original gull-wing exotic. Still a rear-engine vehicle, it will outperform the original car with a 260 hp electric motor that will accelerate from 0-60 in 4.9 seconds, with a top speed of 125 mph and a range of 100 miles. The DMC-12 EV is scheduled to street in 2013 with a projected sticker price of $90-100K.


For those of you that can’t stomach laying down 100 grand + for an electric car, here are the EVs for the rest of us.



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