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Disappearing Holes

Here are a few shots of the final body work, which included closing up the side marker light holes, and the antenna hole.  In pictures of restored 914s on the web, I have noticed many of them are minus the side marker lights, which are ugly little pucks slapped on the front fenders by Porsche as an afterthought to meet US safety requirements.  The car has a cleaner look without them.  Same for the antenna, which is so last century.  I’m confident I’ll be able to find a replacement that will pull in stations unobtrusively from inside the trunk or elsewhere.  Manny accidentally filled in all nine holes on the chin, which was a nice freebee since I had originally considered losing them anyway.  After Classic Touch was done, I used the tow bracket to bring the car home.  There it sits until I lock down a plan for the battery rack, and continue to seek out a good paint shop.


2 Responses to “Disappearing Holes”

  1. Awesome project. Can’t wait to see it painted, although it looks very cool in that flat grey. Badass.

  2. […] close the holes and give a clean look.  Another method is to weld the holes shut, just like my front side marker and antenna holes at the body shop.  This seemed like the least time-consuming and most satisfying solution, so I […]

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