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AC Surges Ahead


HPEV AC-50 Motor


Today I had a valuable chat with Bill at Hi Performance Electric Vehicle Systems, who answered most of my lingering questions about the AC motor his company produces for medium size car conversions.  Although it’s much less expensive than the other reigning AC systems, his motor, coupled with the Curtis 1238-7601 650amp controller (pictured below), reportedly delivers performance competitive with equally priced DC systems, but using less voltage.  This means more efficient use of a smaller battery pack, which equates to greater savings without skimping on pep.

HPEV AC50 System

Bill was very familiar with 914 conversions, and was clear that the 60 amp-hour battery pack with his system would afford at least a 30 mile range in a 914, but the 100Ah pack would buy another 20 for at least 50 miles per charge.  The batteries could be drained completely to give more range, but then the battery life would be greatly shortened.  The 100Ah pack will be significantly more dough, but will probably be worth it to reduce my “range anxiety.”  Time to start designing my battery rack.



2 Responses to “AC Surges Ahead”

  1. This is all too cool, Chuckles.
    BTW, did you see that Beck Speedster with the Thunder Sky Lithium batteries?

    • Yeah. The Porsche is Jack Rickard’s, who has a YouTube channel covering all manner of EV conversions and wine drinking. His Speedster is lightweight and stylish. Are you getting ideas?

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