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Highway Yellow

Hear me out first.

Today I pulled the trigger.  I towed the car with all body parts to One Day Paint in Gardena.  Before you shriek and wail, let me explain that all my research led me to a good reason for not spending more.  Here it is: Paint is only a reflection of what is underneath.  So far, I have spent time and money blasting the car down to metal, thoroughly epoxy priming the entire body, and making sure the bodywork was done properly.   As it stands, I’ve already covered the most important parts of the paint job. Now I can let One Day do what they do best: simply paint.  They’ll shoot a coat of sealer, a triple coat of base color, bake it, then a coat of clear, and finally color sand and buff.  No trim, no glass, no masking – no issues!  Even though I’m buying their top shelf “Plus-4” package, the cost still falls well below what a middle tier paint shop would charge.  I’ll put the savings toward the Li-Ion batteries.

The color I selected is Highway Yellow (52U/WA229L), which is a Sherwin-Williams urethane, and is guaranteed for 5 years.  Very worst case is that eventually I might want to repaint the exterior, but at least then the interior, trunks and door jambs will all be the same color and won’t require further attention.  I pick it up in a week and a half.

Above are various shots of the car at One Day.  Juan is a manager from whom I absorbed even more knowledge about auto paint and why things are done in specific ways.  I also included a shot of a 1973 Porsche 914 sitting on a sales lot not far from my house.  I think they’re asking too much, but it was fun to check its condition and admire the color.  We’ll see how close it matches the final shade.


3 Responses to “Highway Yellow”

  1. Yeah Brems! it feels good to watch you along the way!
    It’s amazing to know that you are persistently taking action and keeping this project moving ahead!
    Bravo! ~Kirk

  2. Looks sweet. I proclaim you the Saint of Constant Advancement. Your progress on this huge project inspires me to take on my visions.

  3. Good strategy! It’s going to look beeyootyfull!

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