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AltCar Expo 2010

X Prize winner Monotracer

The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium hosted the annual AltCar Expo this weekend, and I made a point to check it out.  This year was particularly interesting due to the recent wrap of the Automotive X Prize competition, and the launch of pure electric vehicles by Nissan and Coda.  X Prize winners Monotracer and Li-ion’s Wave 2 were on display, with representatives from both companies answering questions and rubbing elbows with the public.  The Leaf and the Chevy Volt were also present, as well as Coda, Think, Ford, BMW and Zap electrics, most of which could be driven on a circuit around the civic center.  This was quite different from the LA Auto Show at the Convention Center, which is usually so jammed that even breathing is difficult.  Rather than attracting throngs of spectators, this event felt small and provincial, speaking to a handful of enthusiasts. Like Coachella before the rest of the world discovered it.  Click on the picture above to see the entire gallery.


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