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New Identity

Early Saturday morning I jumped over to One Day Paint to see the new color.  I’m very pleased with the finish, considering that the car has not yet been color-sanded or buffed to remove minor imperfections, like random specks and “orange peel.”   The paint “flowed” well, meaning that the wet paint spread evenly to create a smooth surface before it started drying.  Paint flow is also helped by “flashing,” which is literally baking the car for a short period to help the curing.  Much of the car almost looks like it has already been buffed to a glass-like finish.  I chalk it up to proper bodywork and pre-paint prep.  I’m also happy with the color, the selection of which occupied most of my subconscious mind for the past few months.  Just ask my wife – I’m sure she’s glad the car has finally been sprayed.  The finishing happens Monday and Tuesday, after I install the weatherstripping and replace the front and rear hoods.  This was suggested by Juan at One Day, who tells me they prefer to color-sand and buff the large body panels in-place, while they are supported by the chassis.  This prevents warping by the surface pressure applied during the finishing process.  Next step is to tow it home and apply undercoating.


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