ElectroClassic EV
Classic Cars Reborn into the Electric Future


Back from paint.

Brought the EV back from One Day early Thursday morning.  The tow bracket is working like a champ.  Both hoods, a door, and a headlight cover were left behind to erase some “orange peel” from the paint finish.  Basically, the paint is expected to ‘flow’ after being sprayed onto the body surface, which means it spreads out evenly while in liquid form.  Orange peel happens when the paint does not properly flow due to some imperfection on the body surface, or some foreign particulate intruding into the spray.  In this case, some areas of the finish looks literally like the skin of an orange when it dries.  These patches can be resprayed, sanded and buffed to remove the orange peel.  I’ll drop back in in a couple days to retrieve the fixed panels and a small can of touch up paint.  I’m looking forward to masking and undercoating the whole deal while it’s still in the buff.  Then reassembly begins.


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