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Please Be Seated


After an entirely soggy Saturday, this morning was about making any possible progress, and luckily the weather cooperated.  I had been waiting for sunshine to put new covers on the seats, simply because warm vinyl has more stretch and is much easier to wrangle.  My last attempt at this produced a tear in a brand new cover, which World Upholstery generously replaced at a very friendly rate.  They seem sympathetic to the tribulations of the do-it-yourselfer.

Most all of the existing foam was reused, except for the seat backs.  I purchased new foam for them at Lincoln Fabrics in Venice last week.  I told them what I was doing and made sure to ask for the good stuff.  Beware of crappy foam!  It also took some effort to track down the upholstery glue that the pros use.  Word-of-mouth led me to Veteran Company,  the mother lode of professional upholstery supply in West Los Angeles.  They hooked me up with a large can of Pro-Tack Contact Adhesive 00981, which they favor over 3M Super Trim Adhesive.  You can Google it, but you won’t find it.

All of the discarded upholstery was kept as a template for the reassembly, with glue reapplied wherever I encountered dried adhesive on the old vinyl backing, fiberglass and fiberboard.   I also used a boatload of 5/16″ and 1/4″ staples to tack the vinyl covers to the fiberboard in the original manner, like on the seat cushions.  I merely followed the glue and staple marks in reverse order until the seats were back together.  Just like the Haynes manual instructs: “Reassembly is a simple matter of reversing the order of dissassembly.”  Of course, I’m kidding – I reckon this has been the most tedious part of the project so far.  Upholstering is definitely a skill that is acquired over time.  Though for the first effort, I think I did okay.  Behold the new seats below.  That entire pile of tools was needed to complete the job, which involved drilling out and re-riveting a couple of the upholstery claws.  Next up is the firewall pad that covers the entire bulkhead behind the seats.  Here is a link to 914World’s excellent picture tutorial on reupholstering the seats and backpad.




6 Responses to “Please Be Seated”

  1. I’m impressed !!

  2. That’s a mighty high compliment coming from you.

  3. Nice. If an electric car engine could make grumbling muscle car sound showing strength just the seats alone get me there. Though, you may have to set up a recording of it and play it while your driving when it’s finished.

  4. Thanks! I’m still contemplating mounting an ooo-gah horn where the exhaust used to be. The mouth of the horn looks exactly like a rice burner resonator tail pipe. Ideally I would have a remote button on my key fob that would trigger it. Humorous yes, but a visible tailpipe might create too much confusion if I’m not around to demonstrate. Especially with my P914 EV license plate and 914 EV insignia announcing the electric status. Would it have greater effect if the tailpipe was missing altogether? Still thinking on it.

  5. If you don’t mind me asking what was the cost of the replacement? I went to the link; and didn’t see a catalog price. You can just ball-park it.

  6. Yeah, I don’t know why they don’t give prices on the website. It forces you to call for a quote. Could be that they custom make these and prices could fluctuate based on material costs. Anyway –

    Front seat kit – 360.00
    Rear wall cover – 177.00
    Door panel covers – 238.00
    Carpet set – 290.00

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