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Floor Plan

The plan is the pan – the floor pan.  It needs to be undercoated for weatherproofing and sound-deadening before any other work can be done on the interior.  Once the floor pan is sprayed, the wiring harness can be reinstalled in the tunnel, and the dash can be installed and rewired.  To start, I masked off the floor to describe the area that would be sprayed.

Then I used a ScotchBrite pad on the new paint to create some tooth that the undercoating could grab onto.  I vacuumed the floor thoroughly of dust, and then masked the entire interior with newspaper.

I gave the entire floor a good couple of coats, which quickly used up 4 cans.  It starts to add up at around $10 per can, but it will be worth it to keep this car on the road for another 30 years, or until we have Jetson air cars.

After a couple hours of dry time, I stripped off the newspaper, the masking tape, and voila!  The 3M stuff dries with a nice flat, pebbly finish, and it has become my favorite since the undercoating shootout of a few earlier posts.

On another note, I found a rust pin hole in the rocker panel just behind the right front wheel.  I attacked it with a screwdriver and wire brush, and the result is shown the picture below.  Luckily, it won’t stop progress, but it’s an unexpected fly in the ointment.


2 Responses to “Floor Plan”

  1. Perfection is only the realm of the gods. Remember what happened to Arachne and Athena!

    POR 15. I ordered a bunch if you need some.

    • Thanks for the offer. POR15 was one of the first additions to my arsenal as I started this project. My quandary is figuring out how to rust-proof the backside of the sheet metal patch once it’s welded in place. If I don’t, it’ll just rust out again.

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