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That’s a Re-wrap

Refurbishing the wiring harness was something that I was itching to start.  The wire, insulation and connectors were in very good condition, but the cloth tape that held everything together was desiccated and unraveling.  First thing was to stretch out the entire harness end-to-end in my driveway, which you can see above.  Then it was a simple matter of cutting and unwinding the old cloth tape and re-wrapping with new professional grade vinyl electrical tape, section by section.  It’s hard to escape 3M products.

The first couple images in the gallery below give an idea of how disheveled the wiring harness had become.  Anywhere you see a baggie is a wiring subcluster that is labeled to keep those smaller groups organized, such as the head and taillights, seat-belt sensors, heater fan and wipers, dashboard wiring, etc. You can see the original fuse box in the second image, which is fated to be replaced with a cool new panel that uses modern blade fuses.  The next two images show examples of the tight new tape job, and the last two images are the completed harness, coiled and ready to strike.


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