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Weather Not Permitting

This weekend I hit a few hardware and auto parts stores looking for various grommets and black silicon sealer.  Grommets keep the weather out of the car anywhere wires pass through the body, unless they’re old and cracked.  The assortment of general purpose grommets I picked up at OSH and Pep Boys worked perfectly, allowing me to finish installing the wiring harness in the front trunk.

The black silicon will waterproof the bottom grommet of the snorkel where the trunk of the main wiring harness passes from the driver compartment into the motor bay.  There was some looseness around the harness that I remedied by squeezing almost half the entire tube into the inside of the grommet.  I buffed the harness sleeve with a ScotchBrite pad to give the silicon better adhesion.  You can see from the picture below why it is called “The Snorkel.”

Another place weather could enter the car is through the heater ducts that run from the motor bay through both rockers and into the driver and passenger floors.  In an air-cooled combustion engine, the ducts convey warm air from the engine area to the people area.  Since the gas engine went packing, I’m sealing off those ducts and using another scheme to heat the interior (…more on that later).  Rubber 2 inch plumbing duct caps I also found at OSH did the trick perfectly, fitting snugly over the duct openings and sealing them tightly.


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