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Several Loose Screws

A critical part of reassembly is replacing the myriad of old nuts, bolts, washers and screws with fresh copies of the originals. Many of those factory pieces are tarnished, rusted, or just plain ugly and shouldn’t be reused. This is where all of the prior sorting and segregation of fastening hardware into marked baggies really paid off.  I could walk into a  store with a small box of my bagged nuts, bolts, and screws, and match as many of them as possible.  OSH and Home Depot together carried about half of the total pieces I needed, but the odd sizes required more hunting.  I could have ordered most of them from Pelican or Auto Atlanta, but then I’d have to wait for them to ship, and I never would have discovered Culver City Hardware. It’s an old-school joint where the entire 30 foot long north wall is covered with small hardware drawers from floor to 12 foot ceiling.  I needed mostly metric sizes, and was determined to use stainless steel, except where hardened factory bolts were used for engine/transmission and bumper mounts.  What Culver City Hardware unbelievably didn’t have, I picked up at B&B Hardware on Washington Blvd. Now as I move forward, I’ll have all of the fasteners I need.  Below is a picture of the sorting process after buying the new hardware, as well as comparison shots of old and new.  This was very tedious, but very much worth it. I always enjoy thanking myself later.


One Response to “Several Loose Screws”

  1. “P914EV” is going to sparkle like a jewel. Better than original!

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