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I am honored to now have my project listed in the internet EV Album, a collection of electric vehicle conversion projects ranging from go karts to daily drivers to dragsters. To give credit where it’s due, I spent many hours perusing the EV Album and blog links before the lightning bolt of destiny sparked my own conversion into being. Now I truly stand on the shoulders of the giants who inspired me. The screenshot above is my official member page, including a few images and all of the existing stats on my project (so far). It’s sort of like the baseball card of my project.  I will be adding and updating as it continues toward completion. Clicking on the image above will take you directly to my page, while clicking HERE will take you to the well-populated category of Porsche conversions.

Slices of progress have been happening here and there – mainly refurbishing various knobs, latches and levers, as well as accumulating remaining parts for the grand reassembly. Once the holidays pass (and the rain with it), I’ll have more time to focus on actually building an electric car!


3 Responses to “Pedigree”

  1. Mark,

    Awesome. I am happy for you. You deserve this.

  2. Awsome job.
    I am proud to say I know you and have been following your progress from the conception of the project. You orchestrated the project like the pro you are. It inspired me.

  3. Thanks. I appreciate your support.

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