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Wash and Dry

Thankfully, the sun shineth today, allowing me to make more progress.  I need to wash the dirt and grime from many of the various parts before they can be returned to the car, so I set forth with plastic tubs, hot water, cleansers and an arsenal of scrubbing tools.


Once the parts were clean, I laid them out in the sun to air-dry.  Among them are the fan blower housing, vent junctions and hoses, defroster nozzles, headlight shrouds, running light housings and lenses. Before being reinstalled, some of these parts will also get hit with satin black or metallic silver Rustoleum to return them to a semblance of newness.


The taillight housing gasket was purchased from 914Rubber, and the hard-to-find white lens gasket seal shown above was purchased online from the Sierra Madre Collection in nearby Pasadena.  I wondered how the seal was going to stay in place, but it fit snugly into the outer channel of the lens and stayed put with a gentle push of a screwdriver tip.


With the taillights fully installed, the project is starting to evoke that classic 914 look.


This fender-to-cowl seal is a little detail that deeply satisfies me, mainly because the hard, cracked original was soda-blasted away, and I never though I would find a replacement.  Thanks again, 914Rubber.com!



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