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Charger Maps

Click on the image to link to the map.

Here is a dynamic map of EV chargers in the Los Angeles area, offered by EV Charger News.  Chargers can be located by zip code nationwide, and different color pins represent functioning, broken, or dubious chargers (I suspect the blue pins indicate municipally maintained chargers, but I’ll update once I confirm).  Various types and quantities of chargers are also listed per location, including comments by users.  My favorite function is the “Precisifier,” which jumps to a satellite map of any selected charge site, and then allows users to drag pins to more exact positions for chargers at that location.  I’ll be keeping a copy of this map in my newly refurbished glove box.  Even more awesome is their link to the EV Charger Finder iPhone app!


3 Responses to “Charger Maps”

  1. You can plug in at our house anytime. Put us on your map.

  2. Plug in at our place whenever you need.
    The “EV Charger Finder” app is very cool.

  3. Thanks Joe. I added the link to the iPhone app into the post above. Ideally, I’d like to have this all contained in a GPS/Digital display in the center console. That seems like a whole other project, though. Thanks everybody in advance for the complimentary electrons!

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