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Window Shopping

After window shopping for months, the moment to buy a new windshield finally arrived.  My original was cracked, and then utterly destroyed when I attempted extraction without the proper tools.  Lesson learned:  Most of a windshield’s strength resides in the frame it inhabits.  When removed from its frame, a windshield is rendered as helpless as a Pringle.  I purchased the new windshield shown above from Road Shields in Santa Ana, via their eBay store.  The XYG brand is Chinese glass, but generally known to match the original, be good quality and decently priced at $195.  The same windshield with top shading curiously would have cost less, but I decided to go unshaded after looking at bunches of pretty 914 pictures on the interwebs.

.I saved 100+ dollars in shipping by driving to Santa Ana to pick up the windshield myself.  By chance, the shop that lightened my flywheel is also in Santa Ana, so it all worked out nicely (more on that later).  Pictured above is the sling that I created out of cargo straps and bungee cords to suspend the glass for transport, protecting it from shock and vibration during the drive back home.  John, the owner of Road Shields, is a super great guy who was very helpful and supported my crazy scheme to get the glass home safely in a torrential rainstorm.

.A week later, I bopped over to Solid Edge in Hollywood to have UV and heat protective tinting applied to all the windows.  While customer reviews for other LA tint shops weren’t exclusively favorable, most all of the reviews for Solid Edge were very positive, and their prices were reasonable.  That’s the owner Marcos above on the phone.  He took a special interest when he learned that I was building an electric Porsche.

.All the windows were still separate from the car, making it more convenient for me to have them skinned that way.  Marcos explained that there were both pluses and minuses for him, but in the end they balanced out.  All the raw stock glass is pictured above before tinting.  I had previously applied blue tape to make the glass more visible while being stored with all the other parts in my garage.

.Here are the windows after tinting.  I opted for the blue-green to match the factory tint of the windshield.  I also paid a little more for the ceramic-based film which shields up to 60% of solar heat and 99% of UV radiation, and will not interfere with a navigation system as metallic films can.  I also paid a bit more to have the rear window double-skinned, increasing the depth of color and decreasing the harshness of sunlight and headlights in my rear-view mirror.

.The car is going to look sweet with just a touch of blue-green. That Coke bottle liquid glass aquarium look.  You know what I mean.


4 Responses to “Window Shopping”

  1. I can see clearly now (or with a slight tinted blue green color) on the finishing of your yellow ultra quiet Porsche. I hope one day soon to call shotgun.

  2. Very thoughtful shipping method on the windshield. If you ever want to get into shipping fine art you’re hired.

  3. Thanks. Everybody who calls a ride gets a ride!

  4. Very cool, Roadshields just posted this on its facebook page!


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