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More Black Bits

As much as I want to dive straight into reassembly, all of the parts that were cleaned of dirt and grime now need to be prepped and painted before they can be installed.  So both plastic and metal parts were scuffed with a Scotch Brite pad to create surface tooth for the new paint to adhere.  I gave more focus to any metal parts that had superficial rust with a wire brush and emery cloth, and then hit them with a couple coats of Rustoleum Rust Reformer before finishing.  Everything pictured above was given a final coat (or two) of satin black in preparation for reinstallation.  Most of you can stop reading now, but for the obsessive, I will name the above parts for you, although you must figure out which name goes to which part:

Headlight motor mechanism flange plates

Headlight motor mechanism covers

Fan blower housing

Fan blower housing lid

Headlight shrouds

Defroster vent nozzles

Front and rear license plate brackets

Brake fluid reservoir mounting strap

Headlight mechanism hinge mounting screw plates

Driver floorboard fastening brackets

Emergency brake lever cover plate

Floor pan tunnel front and rear access covers

Windshield skirt vent intake screen

Headlight assembly hinged housings

Headlight adjusting cradles

If you read this far, I’d like you to send money.


2 Responses to “More Black Bits”

  1. Do a Gumby stop-motion animation of all the pieces attaching themselves to the car. I’d buy that for a dollar!

  2. Great. Yet another project.

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