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Prospero’s Diagrams

The subject of this post is the electrical wiring diagram, but before we jump in I’d like to digress into a brief monologue about automotive repair manuals.


I cut my teeth working on a myriad of VWs under the tutelage of John Muir’s brilliant Idiot’s Guide.  From those pages, Muir spoke to me in a casual, non-technical way about sometimes very technical things, illustrating his points with underground comic-style drawings.  Even the technical diagrams looked like they came straight from the point of Robert Crumb’s pen.  John Muir was my understanding friend and mentor as I dug into the deepest recesses of my classic Beetle, convincing me I was capable, encouraging me to tackle that engine overhaul.  Day or night, he was always ready with an answer whenever I had a question.  Call me spoiled, but I’ve come to expect a friendly zen-like empathy for the end user in a shop manual, least of which should include an accurate electrical diagram where the colors match the actual wires.


The Haynes manual I have is very helpful, accurate and informative, but purely technical and rather lifeless.  The manual does not contain a wiring diagram, but instead offers a current flow diagram in black and white.  Like a stopped clock is right twice a day, this diagram is correct only when individual wires are either black or white.  Just kidding.  Despite the lack of color, the manual provides a legend to help decipher the actual wire colors based on diagram printed patterns.  Helpful for troubleshooting electrical issues for sure, but I still need the anatomically correct color map that just shows me exactly where the yellow and blue stripey wire goes.


Which brings us back to the subject of this post.  After scouring the interwebs for a color 914 wiring diagram, I was disappointed that none existed at a resolution that was readable enough to be useful.  Then I stumbled on Prospero’s Garage, which has specialized for over 20 years in large color reproductions of factory wiring diagrams for literally hundreds of cars.  Knowing the exact path each wire travels is so crucial that I ordered my own diagram immediately.  Mine is a very readable 11 x 14 inches and laminated to take the punishment of a shop environment.  Prospero will be happy to know that the version above is not detailed enough to threaten his revenue stream.  Now I know where that yellow and blue stripey wire goes.


3 Responses to “Prospero’s Diagrams”

  1. Good sleuthing, Mark. The 356 color diagram was essential in repairing my car decades ago. It also got me a lot of work repairing other 356 cars, once word got out around town. Thanks for the link to Prospero’s. Your quest is inspirational!

  2. Hi Mark, Mark Bush here I did my first EV, a green Bradley named EVIE. also on evalbum. I am now doing a 914 heres the thing, I also got the prosperos garage schem but I am having a very difficult thime figuring out which component location corrosponds to which relay. Is there a map?

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