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Cable Weave

Laying the carpet required installing the control linkages first, since they all run under the carpet and mostly through the center tunnel.  This includes the accelerator and clutch cables, the shift linkage, the hydraulic rear brake line, the speedometer cable, and the handbrake lever and cables.  The hardest part of the job was cleaning 37 years worth of dirt and grime from those parts, lubricating them, and keeping them off the ground during the install.  Cables are long, independently-minded, and will play in the dirt if you don’t pay attention.  The image above shows the handbrake linkage installed through precise cuts made in the rocker carpet segment by yours truly.  The kit provides the segments cut perfectly to size, but  not pre-cut for fixtures, like mounting holes, brackets, cables, levers, and the like.  The old carpet pieces were kept, labeled and used as a reference for fit and cut.


With the speedometer cable snaking from the motor bay all the way to the dash, the instrument cluster could finally be installed.  The multitude of wire connections had previously been labeled with tape and marker, and came together quickly.  One snafu involved removing shmutz from the clear gauge faces with a scrubby pad, only to find they were not glass, but plastic.  Luckily, I had a 3M Headlight Lens Restoration kit on hand, and buffed the scratched speedometer face back to it’s former crystal clear luster.  Surprisingly effective.


Here is a shot of the entire carpet kit in place.  The vertical carpet segments were attached to the interior walls using upholstery contact adhesive spray.  The original, worn-out black vinyl segments were carefully numbered and labeled, so using them as patterns to cut new pieces was a breeze.  They were fitted and glued in the same manner.  I splurged on the center console, which was purchased from Automobile Atlanta.  It adds a level of class to the interior, and also provides a spot for future battery management instruments.  Possibly an LCD display.  Just a thought.


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