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Gone to Stud

One of the gripes occasionally heard about Porsche 914 wheel design is the use of lug bolts instead of studs.  In fact, many German cars still use wheel bolts, but the jury is still out on the exact reason.  Without studs protruding from the hub, changing a tire means supporting the wheel with two hands, while attempting to thread the bolts with your third hand.  (Most folks don’t have that factory option.)


The solution is aftermarket screw-in wheel studs and lug nuts, which I acquired online from CB Performance.  The studs provide 1/2 inch of thread for screwing into the wheel hub, with a variety of outer lengths that should be chosen according to the thickness of the wheel at the lug holes.  The 45mm (approximately 1.75 inch) length stud shown above provides at least 3/4 inch of thread beyond my Fuchs copies for the lug nuts to grab.  Any longer could run the risk of topping out the stud on the inside cap of the lug nut, unless an open nut is used.


Just a couple drops of blue Loctite is applied to the short threads of the stud, and then it’s tightened into the wheel hub with an allen wrench.  I was advised against using the more powerful red Loctite because removing the studs for any reason would be very difficult.  I didn’t tighten the studs to any specific torque, but used my gorilla grip and a box wrench as a lever to tighten them down, and then let the Loctite do the rest.   I immediately put the wheels back on and tightened down the lugs, figuring that the studs should cure for 24 hours in their normal operating position.  Now when I change a tire, I won’t need that third hand.


One Response to “Gone to Stud”

  1. The longer studs with added spacers can be handy for wider rims to offset their centers. My brother did that with his old 356 4 1/2″ rims to a massive 5 1/2″.

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