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Current Flow

Here is the electrical current flow diagram for the 1974 Porsche 914.  Finding an original color factory diagram was more difficult than expected.  Ultimately, I downloaded this one in sections from Pelican Parts, and then combined the pieces into one large file in Photoshop.  Clicking on the thumbnail above will link you to the actual image.

A wiring diagram represents the physical wiring harness, including all accessories and connections, while a current flow diagram visualizes the path that electricity follows from source to ground through every circuit in the vehicle.  It helps to think of these circuits as separate rivers coursing down the side of a mountain, all emptying into the same ocean.  From source to ground.  Electricity is poetic.

I learned in the 914World forums that Porsche did not produce 914 wiring diagrams after 1973, only current flow diagrams (Thanks, Captain).  Even though they’re more abstract, many say current flow diagrams are easier to use once you wrap your head around them.  This diagram will be invaluable as I crawl the harness, getting all of the accessories up and running.


2 Responses to “Current Flow”

  1. I have a better one, way more easy to read if anyone interested, but do not know how to download (jpeg file) it is on my face book Louis Gravel .
    Here two links as it was splitted in half


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