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Green Balance

This morning I threw the wheels into the bed of my truck and took them to Used Tires Express in Culver City for balancing.  I never paid much attention to this shop, other than as a fragment of cityscape on my drive to work in the mornings.  Their image is green oriented, meaning they recycle tires by certifying them for reuse, including a manufacturer’s warranty.  I expected to drop my tires for pickup the following morning, but their man Dave took them straight to the spin balancer and did the whole job in about 10 minutes.


I noticed a tank of pure nitrogen that was another feature of their green business model.  Filling tires with nitrogen is usually done on the racetrack to reduce thermal tire pressure fluctuations, but Dave offers this service to the average driver for a couple more reasons.  Nitrogen permeates rubber tire walls less easily than regular air, so tires stay at optimum pressure longer which allows better gas mileage.  Also, nitrogen has less of an oxidizing effect on rubber, reducing tire aging and rim corrosion, and slowing their march to the landfill.  Dave filled up my tires, and I was on my merry way in less than 20 minutes total. I don’t know whether the nitrogen is going to make much difference, but when I’m ready to shop for those Sumitomo HTR-200 low rolling resistance tires, I’m looking here first.


2 Responses to “Green Balance”

  1. I am dedicated to vintage Volvos in much the same way as you seem to be dedicated to the 914…I enjoyed perusing your resto page…my compliments on a careful precise resto, and a good, articulate, interesting presentation, useful to others undertaking the various tasks…I did however stop reading before I got to the electric conversion parts…such a conversions seems a terrible waste of a nice resto to me…I certainly understand projecting, and I suppose if you’re going to undertake an electric conversion, you’ve got to base it on some vehicle, but that classic Porsche should be running on gasoline (only) as God intended! Cheers from Connecticut! R

    • Hey Ron,

      I’ve tinkered with and cursed over many a gas engine, and have had many classic cars to play with, but truthfully, the idea of putting any more time and effort into a combustion engine seems like a wasted step in the wrong direction. This project excited me on many different levels, some of them greater than just a fascination with automobiles. Converting to electric is a way to run these cars cleaner, cooler, and quieter, while still enjoying the beautiful design and engineering of the vehicle, and without sacrificing any performance.

      I suggest you peruse the blog further, and take a look at the conversion process. You might find something there to provoke deeper thought on the subject. I would start with the purchase of the motor, lightening of the flywheel, and mating to the transaxle, here: https://914electric.wordpress.com/2011/12/23/mating-game/


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