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Letters On Deck

The original Porsche lettering for my engine deck lid was either worn, broken, or lost, so I ordered a full replacement kit from Auto Atlanta when I started this project.  They also include the above template to guide the correct placement of the letters on the deck lid grill.


I ran a nylon string across the grill at the proper height to serve as a guide. Since the entire grill arches upward slightly, the string needs to follow that curve. I adjusted the string upward a scoche across the width of the grill and taped it in place. I then marked the string with a pen to designate the exact location of each letter according to the diagram.


This is a closer view of the “S” and “C” aligned horizontally to the string.  Not all letter positions fell exactly per the diagram because of the grill pattern, so they needed to be bumped either to the left or right to sit level with the string. In the end, it came down to eyeballing them into place. The clasps that held the letters from underneath were filled with some kind of putty that squished into the grill and kept the letters from sliding about.  You can see it if you expand the image above. The putty was a light metallic gray and looked sloppy, so I touched it up with satin black and a small brush.


Here is a shot of the engine deck lid in its full glory. It seats nice and flush, latches snugly, and pops easily with a tug on the latch knob beside the driver’s seat.  One thing I might try to remedy is the loud “THOONK” the lid makes when it tops out.  Perhaps the rubber stops have hardened and need replacement, or maybe installing the rain tray will cause it to rise slower. At any rate, the lid will surely be removed again to make room for designing and installing the battery racks and other EV components.



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