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Spoiler Alert

Because the tow bracket will live permanently under the front bumper, the stock valance needs to be replaced to allow clearance for a tow bar.  The Special Edition Front Spoiler from Pelican Parts was recommended by David Lee at Rennen Metal, who makes the same tow bracket.  The spoiler is fiberglass, and is much lighter and more weather resistant than the original.  It comes fairly raw and coated in white primer, with mounting tabs that require some measuring, cutting and fitting.


Once the tabs are cut to allow the spoiler to sit snug under the front bumper, the position for mounting holes need to be marked and drilled. The fiberglass is quite workable, and the mounting holes were easily elongated with a round file to create some wiggle room when installing.


Here is a test fit of the spoiler, which worked out quite well.  The only real pain is that the front bumper needed to be completely removed to gain access to the spoiler mounting bolts. Overall, I was happy with the position relative to the bumper, and moved on to the next step.


The spoiler was prepped with sandpaper, Bulldog adhesion promoter, and a few coats of satin black. A light skin of body glaze might have covered some minor fabrication blemishes prior to painting, but it didn’t seem worth the effort for the minimal attention it will receive.  Just ignore the prior sentence if you are reading this.


Here is the spoiler installed and looking proud.  The front end will finally be complete with the replacement of the license plate frame and fog light grills. I might hide the charging receptacle under the license plate if I can find a flip-down frame.


The original rear valance was much easier to install, and did not require the removal of the bumper. Notice the indents in the valance that allow easy access to the mounting points. I made sure to use stainless screws so rust won’t ever be a concern in the future.



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