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Linkage Jerry

If removing all of the linkages is one of the first steps in dissembling the car, then putting them back is one of the last. It’s exciting knowing that the car is closer to completion. Above is a shot of the clutch and speedometer cables installed. A zip-tie around both cables provided added support for the speedo cable, which must stretch from the firewall to the furthest end of the transaxle.


On the other side of the transaxle is the shift linkage. A brush, a rag, and a couple blasts of degreaser removed decades of grime from the accordion boot, cover, and band clasp. No more will the splatter of motor oil defile its friendly plastic finish.


The rain tray is an important item that was also installed today. It hugs the underside of the motor bay deck lid, and funnels rain away from the sensitive motor compartment. It originally prevented water from fouling the ignition and carburetion systems, but now it will protect the LiFePO4 batteries and BMS (battery management system). The depth of the rain tray subtracts from the headroom afforded the batteries, but its stock design is so useful that I am committed to keeping it.  I’ll make room. The batteries are best positioned lower in the motor bay anyhow.


These funnels collect runoff from the rain tray and direct it down to the street. My lovely wife calls it “car piddle.”  She’s so cute.



6 Responses to “Linkage Jerry”

  1. Whats’ more awesome than a shiny and clean bottom side!? So simple, clean and ready for electrons… not fossil fuels.

  2. Congrats on nearing this finish line. Looking forward to seeing you, your bride, and your stealthy chariot on the road sometime soon.

  3. Beautiful work, Chuckles! I got a good chuckle from the “piddle” remark. If the batteries and BMS have adequate ventilation from below, could that panel be sealed off?

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