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Blades of Glory

When the wiring harness was refurbished and replaced, the original fuse panel was swapped out for a new JWest Engineering upgrade. The old Bosch type torpedo fuses can now be updated to modern and convenient blade fuses. The shot above shows the original fuse box sitting on the floor, and the underbelly of the new fuse panel as it hangs from the central trunk just under the steering wheel. It has been carefully wired and dressed to include the following new accessories:

– B+ 12 volt primary supply voltage from the DC/DC converter

– Power for the HID headlight relays

– Operating current for the power window switches and motors

– Relay for driving lights flasher modification

– Power for the wiper fluid pump

– Ignition switch voltage to the BMS control board

– Unswitched 12 volt supply for the radio


These items were given underused parking spots on the fuse bus, spreading out the additional load to avoid overtaxing the legacy wiring harness. I could go into greater detail about my fuse assignments, but suffice it to say that after refurbishing the harness, I have a deep investment in it’s future health.


Here is the JWest fuse panel, completely installed. Some of the additional accessory terminals can be seen protruding from the fuse buss under the right side, but they were secured tightly with little chance of wiggling loose. I’m very pleased with the look, and with the convenience and availability that the blade fuse upgrade provides. You can read more about the new fuse panel in a previous post.



One Response to “Blades of Glory”

  1. […] Another point of interest is the install of an updated JWest Engineering fuse panel that dumps the old school capsule fuses in favor of modern blade fuses.  These blades actually glow after they’ve blown so you can easily locate them.  That’s so future. I saw complaints on other 914 blogs that the terminal placement on the new fuse panel is awkward, and that spacers are needed to give the panel room to clear the original wiring stalk.  Awkward yes, but with the proper massaging, the stalk flattened out enough to allow the panel to mount without spacers or excessive cussing. More on the new fuse panel install can be found in a later post. […]

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