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What is the Electric Car?

This last Saturday afternoon was spent viewing the documentary What is the Electric Car? at the West Covina Library, followed with a brief Q&A panel and showing of several electric cars – the 914EV included. When the director of the film, Scott duPont, asked me at the previous AltCar Expo if I was interested in bringing the Porsche and sitting on the panel, I jump in it. The panel consisted of a car dealer, a government mass transit agent, a couple electric car company representatives, a battery industry consultant, and a founding member of Plug In America. Outside in the parking lot, I was joined by a Tesla Roadster, a Mitsubishi i-MiEV, a Coda sedan, a BMW ActiveE, and a Chevy Volt. All of these are new manufactured models, which stirred a lot of interest in the 914EV as the sole example of an EV conversion. You can see more photos on the Facebook page for What is the Electric Car?

This was the farthest continuous drive the 914 has taken so far, and it performed like a champ. This was a 50 mile round trip, and it more than held it’s own in 70 mph freeway traffic, without breaking a sweat and with plenty of pep to spare.



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