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Sliding Scale

914_on_scaleI routinely pass by these public scales on my jaunts about the neighborhood, but this morning I made a pit stop to test the accuracy of my weight gain prediction. The gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) for this 1974 1.8 liter 914 model is 2690 lbs, as reflected on the original sticker on the driver door post. That comprises the full operating weight of the vehicle, loaded with fuel, passengers, cargo and accessories. Per the same sticker, the gross axle weight rating (GAWR) is 1433 lbs, which is the maximum allowable weight each axle is designed to support. Neither of these figures help much, since I am only interested in the curb weight, sans people and their stuff. Wikipedia gives that figure as 950 kg, or 2094 lbs. The only way to compare was to glide silently onto the scale platform.


public_scaleDrum roll, please…  The final number flickering across the digital display confirms that I have added 266 lbs to the curb weight of the car, which is 88 lbs more than my original estimate. My calculations likely overlooked the removal of miscellaneous items that went undocumented. One thing is for certain – I have 330 lbs to play with before I exceed the GVWR of the car. That weight roughly equals my wife, myself, and 20 lbs of groceries. (She’ll reverse engineer that equation to add an inch to my waist.) Senior Deputy Weighmaster D. Hart suggested I roll just the front and then the rear wheels onto the scale to get separate axle measurements. For the record, the front axle weighed 1120 lbs, and the rear weighed 1240 lbs. He also explained the tradition of including a driver’s license in the shot to prove the picture wasn’t just pulled from Google images.



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