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Film Screening and EV Showing


I have the honor of being asked a second time to show my Porsche EV conversion at the screening of What is the Electric Car? at the MLK auditorium at Santa Monica Library this Sunday, January 18th at 2pm. If Who Killed the Electric Car? and Revenge of the Electric Car interested you in the EV game, then this film answers all of the questions you might have about actually owning an EV yourself. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by for the free screening, or just to check out the cars – including the P914 EV if you haven’t seen it yet!



Addendum – Sunday afternoon was a stunningly beautiful day to show EVs at the Santa Monica Public Library. After the film screening, there was a brief Q&A panel, and then the audience convened in the outside lot for a show-and-tell. Most of those above gathered around the 914EV are students in a Samohi class that is converting a donated Super Beetle to electric. The roster that day included a couple Nissan Leafs, a Tesla Roadster, and a very elegant Tesla Model S visible in the background. The Model S is capable of very quick acceleration, and showboated by burning 20 feet of rubber on leaving the event. Click here for more pictures.



3 Responses to “Film Screening and EV Showing”

  1. Hi Chuckles McGroover,
    Saw you at the screening today outside the Santa Monica library. I was the fellow who converted a 1974 Fiat X1/9 back in 1990. Here’s a link to the new owner’s web page:

    After speaking with you, I took off on my 30 mph electric bicycle and caught up with the fellow driving the white Tesla Roadster S at a light 2 blocks away. I chided him for not outdoing his boss’ Tesla S burn out. He sheepishly told me that he forgot to take off the traction control. Lesson learned… whenever you want to impress the natives, take OFF the traction control!!!!!
    BTW: Love the couch. Looking forward to the electric version, sans traction control.

    • Hey Greg – It was a fun as well as a gorgeous day. That X1/9 is a sweet ride! I wish there were some shots of the battery pack. That sucker is going to be so much fun once he swaps in some LiFePO4 cells. I doubt I will ever see a Model S burnout in person again in my lifetime. Most people will be reluctant to manhandle such a beautiful and sophisticated vehicle. Kudos on the bike. I’m gonna have to build me one of those someday. – Mark

      • I also can’t wait for the new X1/9 owner to swap out the Pb-acid battery with LiFePO4. Even with the weight of Pb-acid he beat out a Tesla Model S in 7 races out of 8 in a Michigan slalom race last summer. That X1/9 corners like it’s on rails. The most difficult part of the project was the suspension and I was finally able to find someone to wind custom wire springs for it. Those and new heavy duty shocks are the secret sauce.

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