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Best DMV Visit Ever


These were the only people ahead of me in line at the DMV last Monday at 7:30am. Early birds get in and out much faster than those who like to sleep and drop in later. It requires standing outside in the Southern California cold for a half hour, but when the doors open at 8am, it’s a short wait to the head of the line.



Just look at the empty seats and available windows. The DMV is rarely this thinly populated. After announcing my business at the information booth, I was given a numbered ticket and asked to have a seat. My goal this morning was to update my vehicle registration and title to reflect the conversion from gasoline to electric. When my number came up, the agent asked me to produce my documents, and then instructed me to pull the car around back for verification.



After a couple few minutes, I was met by an inspector with a clipboard who asked me to pop all the hoods for a look-see. He asked all the required questions on his DMV form, and then asked several more out of natural curiosity. He said this was the first electric conversion that he had seen at the Santa Monica DMV. Herewith, I plant my flag!



When the verification was complete, I was instructed to go directly to the same agent that had previously assisted me. She conferred with her supervisor for several minutes over recently changed procedures regarding electric conversions, and then printed out my new registration. It looked identical to the old reg card, except for one tiny difference. Under the heading MP (which stands for Motive Power), the code changed from G to E. That change of one letter marks a huge milestone for me. Sure, it’s a thrill actually driving the vehicle that I converted to electric, but there’s a deeper satisfaction at being officially acknowledged for it.



8 Responses to “Best DMV Visit Ever”

  1. Bravo Mr. Brems!

  2. This is, for lack of a better word (because this one is so overused, but in this case entirely appropriate)…AWESOME!

  3. Congratulations Mark. Hope there are many other flags planted in So Cal, and the nation, but yours will still be the first in SM.

  4. Thanks for all of your praise and encouragement. Next step is to see if Sacramento will issue me a Clean Air Vehicle decal, so I can ride the diamond (my new slang). The California Air Resources Board seems to have a say about whether a one-off conversion to electric meets state requirements for a white or green sticker, so I need to make some calls to clarify whether the “E” on my registration satisfies them. Big fat blog post in the works.

  5. Way to go Mark! How’s your range… can you hit Ventura??

    Jimmy Young jimboyoung@aol.com

  6. That was a great win for you.You Da Man!!

    (And next time you visit the DMV – call first and make an appointment – that way when you get there and the line is round the block, you waltz in like Royalty and get seen at your appointment time.) Never fails and all the waiters in line ask themselves – “Who was that man”??


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