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The BBC Takes Notice

Kismet led me last Saturday to the Virginia Park Farmers Market to investigate charging stations, putting me face-to-face with the Editor of BBC Autos, Matthew Phenix. He introduced himself after seeing the Porsche plugged in, and explained that he recently published a piece for BBC Autos online entitled Electric Dreams: Vintage Cars Ripe for EV Conversion. The article targeted the 10 likeliest classic cars that would benefit from a switch from gas to electrons, and named the Porsche 914 as a prime candidate. Flattered, I was only too happy to pop the bonnets and show him around the car, inside and out.

Snapping photos the whole time, our conversation progressed rapidly from advances in battery technology, to vintage conversions, to future markets for such cars. Before parting ways, we exchanged contact info and agreed that there was a bigger story to be told. Collaborating with the Beeb to spread the gospel of electric vehicles to the world will look great on my resume.

A couple days later, I was astonished that my blog stats showed a crazy number of hits, all originating from the BBC! I traced the referring link to the below webpage. Click on the image to access the full blurb on the BBC Autos site. Thanks for the exposure Matt!



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  1. Very cool!

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