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Charging Ahead

January 26, 2015

My current charging routine involves popping the hood, pulling out the charging cable, snaking it to and through the back door, plugging into the 120 VAC outlet in the laundry room, returning outside to flip on the charging cable switch box, and then finally retiring inside for dinner. All that back-and-forth is getting old. What I […]

Getting Good Console

March 18, 2013

Here is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 seven inch tablet that I picked up from Best Buy at a $20 discount. It was a backlogged holiday husband gift that I finally redeemed after 3 months. As you can see above, I am setting up the Android Torque app per the instructions on the Ewert Energy […]

Balancing Act

September 28, 2012

Having a well-balanced pack has a direct bearing on how much range and longevity is possible from your batteries. Out of the box, all cells should theoretically have the same factory charge, but that is usually the exception. The end user should always insure a good initial state of balance before putting the pack into […]

Baby’s First Charge

August 21, 2012

Most people generally assume an EV charging station is a battery charger, when in reality, the charger is located inside the car. The charging station at your local mall simply delivers 240 volts to your car through a standard J1772 plug, and the battery charger in your EV does the hard work. It’s great for […]

Play It Cool

July 12, 2012

These brackets on the driver side of the engine bay played an important role in their previous life by supporting the relay board. The board will no longer be needed, but the brackets are perfectly suited to support the liquid cooling system for the Curtis controller. Another bonus is that the original engine electrical harness […]

Comfort and Control

July 8, 2012

Finally it’s time to gather all of the interior fixtures and instruments to begin reassembling the cockpit. I purchased this reproduction center console from Auto Atlanta a while back, and have been eager to install it ever since. I was told the console just sits loose on top of the tunnel, but that image didn’t […]

Battery Brains

July 6, 2012

The battery management system (BMS) is an apparatus designed to prevent cells from overcharging, and to ensure all cells in the pack are charged evenly. It also protects cells from over-discharging, which directly effects their long term health. One BMS setup that appealed to me as the simplest and most economical was the MiniBMS from […]

High Wire Act, Part II

June 12, 2012

After deliberating, I’ve decided to hard-wire the Zivan NG1 DC/DC converter input directly to the battery pack, resulting in the DC/DC being always on. Some EV builders do this because their BMS needs 12 volts to monitor pack charging while the ignition switch is off. This means the DC/DC converter will run even when the […]

Gadget Box

June 5, 2012

An EV conversion dumps the gas engine and related gear, but brings some additional electronic gadgets to the mix. Creating a nice clean central home for them is better than having them scattered about the car body. The absent fuel tank and evaporator in front of the passenger firewall opened up the perfect space for […]

High Wire Act, Part I

May 29, 2012

This is the stage where all of the EV components get connected, with many of the wire runs sharing the center tunnel with the battery cables. A thin twisted baling wire loop was used to pull the remaining wires through the tunnel, since the squeeze was too tight for the cable snake. Here are the […]