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Emotional Rescue

June 17, 2014

A short road trip was long overdue, and our 10th wedding anniversary provided the perfect opportunity to get out of town. I include the shot above mainly as a way of gloating over the ample trunk room, despite the space occupied by the batteries. We buttoned her up and pointed ourselves toward Ventura, which is about 67 miles up the coast – almost at the limit […]

Cosmic Connection

March 30, 2014

A 914 EV Cameo on Fox’s Cosmos Following one particular Saturday morning run on the beach and breakfast with my pal Fordy, I returned to find this handwritten note under the wiper blade of my 914EV: I called the number on the business card, and connected with Seth Reed, who introduced himself as a film and […]

Classic Dream EVs

October 26, 2013

A classic car melds beautiful form with smart function, but also folds the driver’s experience into the total gestalt of the design. In other words, visual appeal means less if the driving experience isn’t equally classic. Top auto designers strive to make the feel of a car magical, like alchemists transmuting glass, rubber and steel […]

The BBC Takes Notice

September 4, 2013

Kismet led me last Saturday to the Virginia Park Farmers Market to investigate charging stations, putting me face-to-face with the Editor of BBC Autos, Matthew Phenix. He introduced himself after seeing the Porsche plugged in, and explained that he recently published a piece for BBC Autos online entitled Electric Dreams: Vintage Cars Ripe for EV […]

Shooting The Snake

May 31, 2013

Fear is a choice. The question is not how far your EV will travel, but how much anxiety you feel about it. The next range test was a trip to Mulholland Highway near Calabasas to drive the electric Porsche on a world-famous segment of asphalt called The Snake. I’ll describe that more in a bit. […]


March 27, 2013

My Saturday began with an early morning run and breakfast with my buddy Fordy, followed by a tour of the Expo light rail line construction on the Los Angeles westside. While crossing Centinela at Olympic, I noticed a bevy of emergency vehicles focusing their attention on a 914. Of course, I swung around in solidarity […]

What is the Electric Car?

October 9, 2012

This last Saturday afternoon was spent viewing the documentary What is the Electric Car? at the West Covina Library, followed with a brief Q&A panel and showing of several electric cars – the 914EV included. When the director of the film, Scott duPont, asked me at the previous AltCar Expo if I was interested in […]